May 2019 - Photo by yuuki @ Big Bear Lake, CA

Zetten (Ziteng) Wang


Undergraduate Student
B.S. Computer Science
B.S. Pure Mathematics
University of California, San Diego (Roosevelt College)

グッドバイ 世界から知ることもできない


Research Interests

I am a third-year undergraduate student in Computer Science and Mathematics, whose interests are focused on the area of Programming Systems, specifically PL Design and Compilers. Ever since I started programming in my high school, I was fascinated by languages and toolchains themselves, and pondering over how they worked together to solve real-world problems and how people constructed these expressive programming languages. Thus, I am passionate to working on PLs and look forward to seeing that their revolution eventually profits the software industry.

You can download my CV here.

Recent Activities

Jan '20

I will be attending POPL 2020 at New Orleans for both PLMW and the poster session of my submission for SRC. I am looking forward to POPL, as it is my very first time heading to a conference!

Dec '19

My personal website, after construction for 2 years (uh-oh), is now alive.

May '19

My 18th birthday! The photo on the top is also taken in the same month, when we have a road trip to Big Bear Lake, CA.