May 2019 - Photo by yuuki @ Big Bear Lake, CA

Zetten (Ziteng) Wang


Undergraduate Student (Graduating in 2021)
B.Sc. Computer Science
B.Sc. Pure Mathematics
University of California, San Diego (Roosevelt College)

Research Interests

I am a third-year undergraduate student in Computer Science and Mathematics, whose interest spans programming systems that help developers write readable, correct, and efficient programs. Specifically, I would like to improve and build toolchains that shape our software industry.

Ever since I started programming in high school, I was fascinated by languages and toolchains themselves, and pondering over how they worked together to solve real-world problems and how people constructed these expressive programming languages. Thus, I am passionate about working on PLs and look forward to seeing that their revolution eventually profits the software industry.

You can download my CV here.

Recent Activities

Aug '20

Our recent efforts on the Haskell synthesizer Hoogle+ is conditionally accepted by OOPSLA 2020!

Jan '20

I will be attending POPL 2020 at New Orleans for our work, Program Synthesis by Type-Guided Abstraction Refinement, and the poster session of my submission for SRC. I am looking forward to POPL, as it is my very first time heading to a conference!

Dec '19

My personal website, after construction for 2 years (uh-oh), is now alive. (partially)

May '19

My 18th birthday! The photo on the top is also taken in the same month, when we have a road trip to Big Bear Lake, CA.