May 2019 - Photo by yuuki @ Big Bear Lake, CA

Undergraduate student
University of California, San Diego
B.S. Mathematics
B.S. Computer Science - Honor


I am a senior undergraduate at UC San Diego with a double major in Computer Science and Mathematics. I'm interested in the area of Programming Languages where I could employ reasoning and checking techniques to help developers write readable, correct, and efficient programs. Currently, I am working with Nadia Polikarpova on Program Comprehension as a part of my bachelor's thesis (proposal).

Ever since I started writing code in high school, programming languages and toolchains have always fascinated me: I pondered over how the evolution of PL techniques refined real-world software engineering. Then, I am willing and fortunate to be able to contribute to the area of Programming Languages.

Recent Activities

Dec '20

PhD application for Fall'21 submitted.

Oct '20

New features of Hoogle+ are published to OOPSLA'20.

Jan '20

I won Third Place at POPL'20 SRC and had a good time attending my first conference.

More activities here.